The proven 7-step DLA Legislative Road Map

The 7-step DLA Legislative Roadmap
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We created this 7-Step Road Map to help legislators from coast-to-coast turn around their state economy. Here is how it works:

1. Partner with DLA

  • Enable your organization to connect with legislators, explore current key issues, and review past successes
  • Utilize our network of contacts to introduce DLA to you and other related advocacy organizations
  • Use legislative conferences, former legislation, and state-issue driven media to help legislators be prepared to pass effective legislation
  • Begin relationships with our key legislative staff and supportive education organizations 

2. Build a custom plan for your state with DLA

  • Share with legislators our Road Map and Support Plan
  • Outline unique services for each legislator: conference calls, research, expert testimonials, outreach to other legislators, etc.
  • Identify special circumstances in the respective state’s education and legislative system

3. Educate on Issues and Successful Policies

  • Introduce and inform legislators about digital learning solutions
  • Recognize legislator’s key digital learning education issues and assure sustained DLA assistance

4. Recruit Sponsors and Initiate Legislation

  • Identify chief sponsors and co-sponsors
  • Provide model examples of successful legislation
  • Build and strengthen a resilient coalition to pass digital legislation
  • Recommend governance, transparency, and accountability model

5. Manage and Track Legislation 

  • Develop legislative strategy and tactics with help of DLA partners and experts
  • Understand the tactics of the opposition
  • Build a coalition around the bill
  • Receive real-time updates through an automated system
  • Direct the appropriation process for the bill

6. Implement Oversight and Transparency

  • Ensure proper oversight, accountability, and deployment of legislation
  • Track and monitor RFP process to ensure successful implementation
  • Identify important partners in education to assist with oversight 
  • Determine areas for improvement and long-term oversight

7. Expand Success Based on Outcomes and ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Publicize the economic victory and the legislator’s success
  • Gain additional support after passage and funding 
  • Review successes and opportunities
  • Plan for the next legislative session to involve digital learning initiatives