The proven 7-step DLA Legislative Road Map

The 7-step DLA Legislative Roadmap
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We created this 7-Step Road Map to help legislators from coast-to-coast turn around their state economy. Here is how it works:

1. Partner with DLA

  • Build Relationships with Passionate Legislators:
    DLA will connect you to key legislators and staff who have a passion for digital learning technology.

  • Use Legislative Conferences to Recruit Legislators:
    NCSL (Atlanta and Austin), ALEC (Chicago), CSG (West), Digital Technology Conference (Kansas City), Digital Learning Now! (Boston)

  • Utilize our Network of Policy Organizations:
    Working as a coalition with other related advocacy and nonprofit organizations to develop the best policy and research.

2. Custom Legislation Road Map

  • Work with Bi-Partisan Support:
    DLA works with both parties to educate legislators about the important research, statistics, and data about particular educational issues.

  • Outline Unique Services for Each Legislator:
    conference calls, online meetings, outreach to other legislators, technology solutions, white papers, and research.

  • Coordinate Product Demonstrations:
    Schedule dates and time to showcase solutions that can solve a state’s education issues.

3. Educate on Issues and Successful Policies

  • Inform About Digital Learning Solutions:
    Share data, research, policy frameworks, product information and previous bill templates from other legislatures.

  • Recognize Legislators Key Issues:
    Identify key education issues and support these with DLA assistance.

  • Notify Supportive Legislators:
    Introduce legislators to their colleagues who have successfully passed similar legislation nationwide to discuss legislative strategy.

4. Recruit Sponsors and Initiate Legislation

  • Provide Model Legislation:
    Use policy collaboration and bill templates from other states.

  • Build a Coalition for the Bill:
    Develop legislative strategy and tactics with help of DLA partners and experts.

  • Write the Bill: Submit the bill to legislative counsel to draft.

5. Legislation Management and Tracking

  • Prepare for Committee Hearings:
    Prepare legislators with the necessary facts and details to present their bill to committee colleagues effectively.

  • Track the Legislation:
    Using the sophisticated state level tracking software program, TrakBill.

  • Real Time Updates:
    TrakBill will notify DLA in real time when any action has occurred with the bill in committees or on floor votes.

  • Win with Speed:
    This will allow us to have a time advantage in order to successfully strategize and implement necessary actions to modify a bill in progress.

6. Implemention, Oversight, and Transparency

  • Fair RFP Model:
    A fair RFP model that allows for competition among the best products and school choice for the products they want.

  • Accountability:
    Ensure a proper oversight, accountability system, and implementation of legislation.

  • Teacher Choice:
    Schools and teachers who choose to deploy a solution with fidelity build a strong reputation for the program and allow it to gain traction across the state or nation.

  • Assessment and Outcomes:
    Piloting and statewide programs will be transparent in nature and the outcomes assessed by independent 3rd party evaluators to show ROI to legislators for future on-going funding.

7. Expand Success Based on Outcomes and ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Monitor the Release of the RFP:
    Utilize RFP Tracking Software in order to receive ongoing updates of RFI/RFPs across the country to bid on and win.

  • Connect with Districts and Schools:
    RFP Tracking software will help connect each school who is bidding on statewide initiatives to companies learn more about the solutions.

  • Publicize the Victory:
    Using traditional and social media to build support and positive PR about a pilot or statewide program implementation.

  • Plan for Next Legislative Session:
    Review success and opportunities to gain additional support and funding for next year.