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AdvancePath Academics

AdvancePath’s mission “To Enrich Lives and Improve Society Through Education – One Student at a Time” is transforming the lives of students and educators around the country.

AdvancePath works with District partners to deliver educational solutions that work for students at every level of academic achievement.  They engage students in their learning process, provide the focus and guidance needed to keep them on track, and maintain the instructional and social networks needed for young people to develop personal accountability and to sustain their path of success.

The AdvancePath Blended Learning Model has proven to specifically address the needs of students experiencing academic, socio-emotional, and behavioral challenges - students who may be in danger of dropping out of school. Their program focuses on academic performance in a positive behavioral intervention and support setting, while taking full advantage of technology-based learning resources.

The AdvancePath Blended Learning Model incorporates key components necessary in serving the unique needs of at-risk students, including:

•    Small, personalized, safe learning environments for students through supportive scaffolding pedagogy
•    Relevant and rigorous curricula offerings that link academic learning to real-world experiences
•    Positive relationships between students, family members, school staff, and community social service providers, if needed
•    Incorporation of 21st century skills and the development of pro-social skills
•    Use of technology and the fostering of experiential learning
•    Emphasis on civic competencies of tolerance and conflict resolution
•    Intentional design features that address dropout prevention and recovery
•    Career pathways with rigorous preparation for college and post-secondary training

AdvancePath Academics has pioneered an innovative partnership approach with School Districts to create a new response for the high risk and disenfranchised students. Each Academy operates as a School District program (not a charter school) and every student receives an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) and timeline based on State and District requirements for earning their high school diploma.

Academy costs are paid for with local, state, and federal funding apportioned directly to the students on either a per student enrollment or per student attendance (ADA) basis. This funding model ensures partner Districts incur no additional cost above and beyond what they already spend per student. In fact, Districts will typically retain a portion of their general funds. Meanwhile, AdvancePath pays for all operating costs in the Academy (including teacher and staff compensation, as well as Academy provisioning, infrastructure, curricular, and other ongoing operating and support costs), and bears the responsibility for recovery of returning students.

In launching an Academy, AdvancePath will:

•    Fully align all content to State and District Standards
•    Compensate teaching staff per District policies and union rules
•    Provide all necessary curricula (core and elective) and intervention materials
•    Provide training and on-going Professional Development for all Academy Staff
•    Implement student performance assessments per the District calendar
•    Provide the capital investment to purchase the furniture, carpeting, and technology to establish the right learning environment for Academy operations
•    Define and manage the day-to-day operational workflow
•    Provide Academy Job Descriptions and coordinate hiring with District HR
•    Provide a Community Outreach Liaison to lead dropout recovery efforts

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