Video: Three Marketing Trends for Digital Learning Companies

As digital learning and education technology companies look for 2014 to be a revenue game-changer, we share three marketing trends in this below based on experience from Digital Learning Alliance’s marketing team.

Combined, we believe these trends can be game-changers for Ed Tech companies to grow revenue and profit. In this video below, DLA’s marketing team reveals the trends we're observing, and we explain why they are on our short list of 2014 action initiatives.

1. Magnetic Marketing. Education technology marketers need to become lead generation machines. By using magnetic marketing strategies, you must draw prospects and customers to you so they opt in to learn more about your product and the values of your organization.

2. Nurture Marketing. Once a prospect opts in to your sales funnel, we recommend a lead nurturing program, using marketing automation software.

3. Real Reason Marketing. As customers are savvier today than ever about sales messaging, it's no longer enough to sell, based on features and benefits of the "what" and "how" of your products or services. You must sell with real reason marketing and get to "the why."

Learn more about these three trends in this video that appeared in Reinventing Direct, a blog written by DLA’s marketing team for Target Marketing Magazine.