Toolwire Joins DLA

Toolwire was founded upon a belief in the power of Experiential Learning. Since 1999, Toolwire has pioneered the development of experiential learning solutions for Higher Education and Corporate Training institutions.

Toolwire’s earliest clients included several leading global software companies looking to reduce training costs. By providing learning solutions for training, sales, and support, Toolwire established its reputation as a trusted supplier of reliable, on-demand experiential learning environments.

In 2003, Toolwire acquired Logilent. Based out of the University of California- Berkeley, Logilent’s cutting-edge, patented technologies dynamically allocated networking devices to deliver live hands-on IT training.

Toolwire first began developing immersive learning environments for enterprise software clients. These clients needed a solution that would go beyond teaching hard IT skills. They were looking for a learning solution that would teach vital critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills by immersing employees in contextual, “Day-in-the-Life” work environments.

For these clients, Toolwire developed InteractiveScenarios. Based on Toolwire’s unique "Natural Assessment" instructional design, InteractiveScenarios provide a “Virtual Internship” experience paired with Toolwire’s proven hands-on IT training applications.

Toolwire initially entered Higher Education by delivering its proven experiential learning solutions to universities looking to grow their IT programs. When student retention rates in these programs showed significant improvement, administrators started approaching Toolwire with requests to develop experiential learning solutions across all subject disciplines.

In particular, administrators took an interest in Toolwire’s immersive environments. With Toolwire’s proven hosting capabilities in place and an effective Co-Creation Methodology established, the next logical progression for Toolwire was to make these immersive environments even more media-rich and engaging. The result of this effort was Toolwire LearnScapes.

Toolwire LearnScapes are at the cutting edge of learning technology. These immersive learning environments contain video characters, photo-realistic worlds, “Natural Assessments”, and engaging storylines.

With applications across a broad range of topics such as IT, Healthcare, Legal, Communications, Education, and the First Year Experience, Toolwire LearnScapes open up a realm of possibilities previously unimaginable for educators.

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