Digital Learning Day

Today is Digital Learning Day. Over 270 schools in every state nationwide registered how they planned to celebrate.

Activities reported by a sampling of schools included:

- Sharing Spanish databases with new bilingual classes; gr. 1-5 will make internet safety bookmarks with tassels & on Feb. 5 at PTO open house this school addressed District databases and how they can be used at school and home.

- 3rd graders are learning about the Winter Olympics. Since YouTube is filtered out in our district I have created a YouTube channel. Each student is researching a different event at the Olympics. Through the channel I am putting a video clip that helps explain the event they are to research. The students will watch the clips. The group will help each other take quick notes about their sport. This way one person is getting their research needs met and the rest of the group is learning about all the events too!

- We have been preparing for Digital Learning Day for weeks and our students use technology on a daily basis! Students in grades 4-6 are using Voicethread and Google Presentation to create lessons teaching about protecting their digital footprints. Students in grades K-3 will use iPad camera to create a video showing responsible use of our portable technology (iPads and laptops).

The applications of digital learning technology are vast, and Digital Learning Alliance is delighted to see schools from coast-to-coast participating in this exciting day of digital learning. 

DLA continues to support the expansion of digital learning in our schools by with policies, bill templates, and more so that state legislators are more confident in funding digital learning.