Digital Learning Excellence Winner Goes To ...

For the second year in a row, Utah received the Number 1 ranking of all 50 states on the Digital Learning Report Card.

It’s Utah, after all, where the leadership of the Digital Learning Alliance was inspired to formally become a non-profit organization more than a year ago to officially work to get more digital learning into all 50 states, so learners can be better prepared for the job needs of today and tomorrow.

A recent editorial in the Deseret News documents many of the gains experienced in Utah:

  • Utah spends the least per student in the nation.
  • With a score of 92.3, the Digital Learning Report Card says Utah earned this high score because “the state has opportunities for students in all grades to access online courses, because it requires credit to be based on mastery of skills and content rather than on seat time, and because of its ‘Student Achievement Backpack,’ which creates a portable education record that follows the student from school to school — and gives parents the right and ability to securely access those records.”

The Digital Learning Report was compiled by the Digital Learning Council. It was started in 2010 by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ® and former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise (D).

Says Bush, “As this Digital Learning Report Card highlights, more states are allowing their students to customize their education in a way that best meets their learning style, and empowers them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and the workplace.”

Digital Learning Alliance is proud of the continued achievement of Utah in digital learning leadership. States throughout America have access to DLA’s Legislative Best Practices that offers tools to legislators in all 50 states for creating digital learning legislation that can deliver stronger outcomes.