Nervanix Joins DLA

Nervanix is an exciting company in the educational technology sector that applies groundbreaking advances in the field of neuroscience to improve attention and focus in order to make learning more efficient and effective.  

Pioneering an entirely new category in learning known as “Attention Adaptivity”, our mission is to increase academic achievement by responding to and nurturing an individual’s cognitive abilities.   Our ultimate goal at Nervanix is to improve attention and focus in order to optimize a learner's engagement and achievement.  

At Nervanix, we start with a simple premise: An attentive learner is an engaged learner, and an engaged learner achieves academic success.

We strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional learning models by applying the concept of Attention Adaptivity™ to the pedagogy of teaching and learning. 

Using state-of-the-art EEG technology, Nervanix measures attention levels of learners, both in real time as well as longitudinally, and uses that information to enable: 

  • Learners to self-monitor their studying and learning. 
  • Teachers to adapt their teaching methods to effectively reach struggling learners. 
  • Digital learning applications to adapt to the individual learner.
  • Learning platforms to align and match appropriate learning objects to individual learners based upon attention profiles.
  • Publishers to optimize their products for maximum engagement.

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