Executive Management Team

 Dave Kane  Vice President of Development

Dave Kane
 Vice President of Development

David Kane
Vice President of Development

David Kane is a retired former employee at IBM, and executive at Dell. Managing at multiple large technology companies, he has broad experience as an executive in research, business development, and accounting.

He started his career at IBM, where he was one of the first twelve sales representatives hired to start their prosperous Federal Program. He helped the company grow by increasing sales and introducing new companies to the business. After that, he opened a successful Raytheon-Lexitron office in Austin, Texas, and improved their Federal Sales Program by 115%. Ten years later, he joined Dell. Taking charge as an Account Executive, David managed and coordinated all of the civilian agency accounts for the entire country.  He then became a Sales Executive, where he recorded a $4.2 million sale with Resolution Trust Corporation, the largest company sale at the time, secured a contract with the World Bank that generated $500 million in sales and service, and experienced the corporation grow from a $200 million, nationwide company to a $20 billion, worldwide company.

East Tennessee University, B.A. in Psychology