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Education Elements

Education Elements is a nationally recognized solutions company that helps districts and schools develop and implement personalized learning strategies. Their goal is to accelerate learning, improvement achievement, and increase student agency and engagement in a way that is sustainable for teachers. They create classrooms that inspire teaching and learning.

Education Elements makes it easy and affordable for all sorts of schools – big and small, public and private, brand new charter schools and traditional district schools – to implement blended learning.

With a staff that brings together experience in the classroom, as well as product design and change management expertise, their organization is well-equipped to enable teachers to personalize learning and students to benefit as a result of being able to learn at their own pace, in their own style and with increased attention from their teacher.

Education Elements works with schools on everything from setting goals, to designing an instructional model, to selecting content, to providing PD and support. Their consultants work side by side with leaders and teachers to embed digital content and data into daily instruction. Combined with their software platform, this makes Education Elements a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for anyone who wants to integrate technology and instruction in order to personalize learning.

Education Elements works with districts across the country. They are working hundreds of schools, including several RTTD and Next Generation Learning Challenge winners to implement their vision.

Their work started with a single charter school and grew from there. They now serve over 100 schools in public school districts across the country, including DCPS, Newark, Middletown, Horry, and Iredell-Statesville, to name a few. Their clients include a range of organizations, and services include instructional model design, implementation, and professional development, as well as strategic consulting, planning, and system-level capacity building.

In all cases, Education Elements support schools to achieve the academic goals for their specific student populations. These academic goals may range from addressing remediation and intervention needs, to bringing students up to grade level, to supporting advanced students in International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placements (AP) programs and classes. In each case they support schools and districts as they consider how learning experiences can be tailored to students’ individual developmental needs, skills, and interests, including the development of personalized learning paths, mastery-based grading, and flexible learning environments.


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