Frequently Asked Questions

What type of legal organization do you have?

We are a 501(c)6 and we are affiliated with DLi, which is a 501(c)3.

Who supports you?

We are an advocacy based association supported by membership of education technology companies.

Who is on your board of directors?

Dick Bradford, former head of economic development and state representative and chairman of public education appropriations committee

Stephen Laseter, former CTO of Harvard Business school and current Chief Digital Officer of McGraw Hill

What are past educational technology issues your organization has worked on?

STEM centers, elementary reading software, smart schools, k-12 math software, student/teacher data reform/availability. workforce development/economic growth, major to careers alignment, student longitudinal data systems (UDA)

What is Dane Goodfellow’s experience with advocating for digital learning?

Top executive at IBM responsible for $300 M in funding for initiatives like supercomputers, educationally data networks, computers in schools. Was the Vice President for Governor Leavitt’s taskforce on education and economic development. He has consulted for dozens of Governors.

What companies are joining DLA?

Large national companies like McGraw Hill, reading and math software companies like Waterford and Imagine Learning, hardware and mobile device companies like iSchool, and we are pursuing those with college and workforce alignment, data development, professional development

What is a teachers role in education?

Teachers are the key and technology will help support them and reduce the manual labor they do so they can focus on higher order teaching.

How will DLA help?

DLA will assist you with research, policy, staff work, bill templates, RFP models, oversight and governance models, best practices for passing legislation and obstacles to avoid.

What is the roadmap?

The roadmap is the formal DLA process that will take you step-by-step from choosing a digital learning topic until you successfully pass a bill and put the bid out to get the best companies for the best value to bring the solution to your state.

Does this cost anything?

Legislative assistance is provided at absolutely at no cost to you.

Are you lobbyists?

No, we provide education, research, and industry insight into the process of improving student outcomes through digital learning technologies.

What can you provide?

We can provide a legislative outreach liaison and team, website with policy and video recommendations, a research team, and consultation with legislators nationwide who have successfully pass digital learning bills.

What is your website/how big is DLA?

DLA is a startup nonprofit with some of the best leaders in the industry who are working around the clock to deliver the best product. will be relaunched within a week and will eventually have numerous videos, white papers, and blogs on core issue subjects.

What are the Road Map Steps?

  1. Build A Relationship with the Legislator
  2. Identify Legislator's key digital education issue
  3. Educate the Legislator through the DLA Support Plan
  4. Draft Effective Legislation with input from outside organizations and legislators as needed
  5. Pass Legislation using Efficient Strategy
  6. Follow-Up After Passage/Publicize the Victory
  7. Begin planning for next year with new insights and lessons learned

What resources will be available at DLA website?

Videos for legislators, vendors, parents, and teachers

Examples of model legislation

Blog with up-to-date information about what is happening nationwide with digital education

Spotlight different state initiatives

Links to Digital Learning Now scorecard and other important organizations

Concise research in the form of white papers

Innovative Ideas for how businesses could improve digital learning products

Section for teachers

How to become a 21st century teacher

What can digital tools do to help you individualize your instruction

Tools for parents

Links to each states online student/teacher date, highlights those that have none

How and who to lobby in their state (school boards, principals, legislators)

Links to great online tools

Successful UtahFutures type tools in other states

Free demos of a variety of softwares

Find your legislator, so you can advocate for digital learning

What are the key issues DLA supports?

Smart School Initiatives

Skilled workforce alignment

Adaptive learning technology

ROI to states for digital education tools

Digital professional development for teachers to use these tools to individualize their teaching efficiently and to eliminate clerical work

Using UDA and other sources to align the workforce with the jobs of the future

Drive students to high skill jobs using digital counseling tools

K-12 learning software programs, STEM, Math, Reading, and ESL

What legislators is DLA working with?

Senator Howard Stephenson

Add others as they come into the fold

What is Sen. Stephenson’s relationship?

He is a major resource and expert on digital learning initiatives. He is an advisor to DLA and is willing to take any call from a legislator to help coach them.

What is Dick Bradford’s history?

What is DLA relationship with DLI?

DLA is a legislative and advocacy outreach organization for DLi

What is Utah legislation model?

What is the Utah governance model?

Is DLA going to send vendors to us?

We will use data and research to tell you which solutions we are seeing work best in other states. We are issue focused.

What is DLA’s emphasis on economic development?

Workforce alignment through digital tools that help drive students to jobs that fit industry needs

Vendor Questions [to come]: