A road map to legislative success

DLA’s 7-Step Road Map is a proven model that will help legislators across America turn around their state’s economy. MORE…

Economic downturn spiral.
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How to increase your Gross State Product (GSP)

As a state legislator, you have a responsibility to increase your state’s GSP. When state growth declines, a downward spiral begins. Increasingly, state leaders are recognizing that their state’s economy is fragile and there is a potential economic decline rooted in a huge misalignment between employer needs and available skilled workers.

Lower state revenues begin a downward spiral that reduces education and public service funding, produces less qualified graduates, lowers per-capita incomes, increases tax burdens, and eventually forces an industry exodus from your state.

When industry leaves, so do skilled workers, and vice versa.

But your state can reverse its slide on its downward path.


The solution comes from DLA’s Legislative Road Map

The model you can use for your state’s success comes from a 1990 plan developed by Utah leaders Dick Bradford and Dane Goodfellow. This plan began the push for improved education outcomes and workforce alignment in order to advance economic development. 

Value Proposition

DLA believes that adoption of their 7-Step Legislative Road Map virtually guarantees successful legislation. DLA needs legislators that are passionate about making significant change and can build coalitions with key stakeholders in their state.

Education issues addressed through digital learning tools.
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Your Guide to the Key Issues

Over two dozen issues spanning public education, higher education, and workforce development are recognized by DLA. When you fix your educational issues, you fix your workforce. When you fix your workforce, your state’s economy significantly improves. 

Digital learning spans a multitude of technology areas. DLA can support each legislator with a comprehensive plan to cover their education issues with successful technology solutions. These solution category examples include:

Digital learning solutions.
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  • Student information systems
  • Special education
  • Resource management
  • Digital discovery and delivery
  • Content
  • STEM
  • Learning analytics
  • Adaptive and personalized learning
  • Learning platform
  • Systems connectivity
  • Career planning
  • Workforce employment alignment

The Proven 7-Step DLA Legislative Road Map

Legislative road map
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We created this 7-Step Road Map to help legislators from coast-to-coast turn around their state economy. Click here to learn more about these seven steps.

  1. Partner with DLA
  2. Build a custom plan for your state with DLA
  3. Educate on Issues and Successful Policies
  4. Recruit Sponsors and Initiate Legislation
  5. Manage and Track Legislation
  6. Implement Oversight and Transparency
  7. Expand Success Based on Outcomes and ROI (Return on Investment)