Economic Decline: Solving America’s #1 Problem

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Is your state’s economy on this slippery slope?

If so, take heart. One state has broken this cycle over the past two decades, and has been riding a growing wave of economic vitality to prove it. Now, the model that was built in Utah is available to be adapted to energize the economy in your state.

But, to understand how they broke free, let’s reach all the way back to the root cause.

The great and growing mismatch of jobs and workers

By 2020, a growing mismatch of jobs vs. workers will result in 73 million unfilled high-pay jobs, and 115 million unemployed or underemployed workers. That’s upside down. Too many of those under- and unemployed workers will be highly educated college graduates, whose degrees leave them unqualified for the needs of the job market. The rest will simply not possess the skills required to fill the bulk of the available jobs.

More skilled workers are needed to fill jobs that are most plentiful. We have to get kids to want to learn what will serve them. And, complementing school curricula with adaptive digital learning methods that match each child’s learning style will more deeply equip more students with the skills they will need to fuel that demand. Not convinced? Ask the state of Utah to what they attribute their 20-plus-year run of economic vitality.

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Inspired education is key to the re-alignment of jobs and workers

Under-educated adults and those holding degrees that aren’t in areas not in demand in the job market face a tenuous economic future. But, by upending the learning processes of yesterday, and opening up children’s minds with engaging, adaptive digital learning to complement their classroom work, students become better prepared to step into the abundant pool of high-skill, high-paying jobs of tomorrow.

 Utah’s business climate holds strong from 1990 to present.

23 Years of Economic Dividends

This is much more than just theory. Since 1990, Utah Governors Leavitt, Walker, Huntsman, and current Governor Herbert have teamed with legislators to pass sweeping and pioneering bills, changing the face of education in Utah forever—which fed and led to Utah's booming economy.

The outcomes are impressive. Utah spends less per student on public education than any other state, yet scored the only “A” grade out of all 50 states in the Digital Learning Now 2012 Report Card, has been repeatedly rated best for business for 23 years, and enjoys economic growth that’s the envy of most other states.

Addressing the root issue leads to transformative outcomes

Fact is, research shows that digital learning initiatives lead to richer education, from which grows a workforce more equipped to tap high-skill jobs. The resulting higher employment injects the economy with sustaining vitality, a higher and broader tax base and fewer subsidies.

Plus, there’s no exodus of tech-based businesses, and more pour in every day. Can advanced education initiatives really charge up a state’s economy? Just ask Utah.

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Rolling out nationwide successes in education and the economy

Since 1990, a few, passionate, private sector executives have been working hand-in-hand with Utah governors and legislators, and were instrumental in the efforts to spark the state’s economic future through the relentless integration of advanced education methods. They, along with distinguished former lawmakers who helped pen key education-based legislation, banded together to create the Digital Learning Association (DLA).

Its purpose: to extend the successes of the Utah Model of education across the rest of the nation, and rebuild the strong US economy we can all benefit from—one state at a time. Will your state be next? Contact us, and let’s talk about it.

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