DLA Roadmap

The roadmap to economic growth: connecting legislation for education with digital learning solutions

This plan is proven to grow state economies. It’s based on 23 years of economic growth and success in one state that has achieved dozens of #1 business and digital education rankings. It was unfazed by the Great Recession growing employment, technology sectors, and maintaining a rare AAA bond rating.

In this successful model, a link was discovered between legislation and digital education technologies that increased student achievement and created vibrant technology sectors. Now you can use these proven tools to change the course of your state’s declining economy and education with help from the Digital Learning Association.

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If you’re a state legislator…

DLA will assist you, at no cost, with a proven model that has increased the rate of education bill passage to 67% compared to 22% nationally, focused on ROI and outcomes that lead to a better skilled workforce and STEM graduates putting your state on a path to economic growth.  MORE…

If you lead an education company…

DLA will help your company survive by introducing how your products solve specific education issues by pushing top-down state initiatives and effective policy. We help reduce the lengthy selling cycle to individual LEA’s, and we find nationwide opportunities for you to bid on and guide you through the all-important RFP process.  MORE…

Continued economic decline unless we act now

America is currently facing unprecedented national debt, high unemployment, severe underemployment, and massive outsourcing due to a lack of skilled workers. Many are unable to provide for their families or for their future.

America’s economy will continue to struggle until we fix the foundational problems that are causing the decline.

The solution is a fundamental change in how we implement technology from prekindergarten to college to best utilize the learning styles of individual students.

Economic decline spiral
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Introducing the DLA 3-step plan to realign workers and jobs …
and grow America’s economy

3-step plan to grow the economy
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This roadmap adds up to a win for everyone: students are better educated, companies can grow and hire the workers they need, and state economies can benefit from a increased skilled workforce and growing tax base.

Whether you’re a state legislator, education company leader, educator, parent or student, take a moment to watch this short video to get a better picture of how you can help grow America’s economy for the future through the Digital Learning Association.

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DLA arms legislators with resources to make informed education legislation decisions

We match your issues to available solutions, and offer no-cost access to legislation structuring, insights, and strategies. MORE…

DLA matches tech companies
with funded state education legislation

Learn more about the statewide and nationwide doors of opportunity we can open for you. MORE…

DLA shows how educators
can expand their teaching effectiveness

Educators can focus more time with individual students, spend less time on paperwork.  MORE…

DLA gives parents & students a forum to be heard about the quality of their education

Get involved. Build a groundswell of support for excellence in education for your children.  MORE…