Match Your Digital Learning Solutions to Key DLA Legislative Initiatives and Pilots

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Legislators are waiting for DLA’s list of prioritized issues that we will assist them in preparing, drafting, and researching to begin new legislation or modify existing bills.

For the last year, key leaders from McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Follett and other companies have helped formulate the pre-launch planning and development of DLA.

DLA understands your concerns. Read this discussion from DLA President Dane Goodfellow about the direct link between economic growth in our country, improved student outcomes, digital learning initiatives, and funded legislation to support them.

  1. We understand your revenue and distribution challenges in education.
  2. We are experts in education initiatives and pilots with a combined experience of over $1 billion in state and federal contracts won.
  3. DLA’s focus on investing in education technologies for economic growth is the reason why our message resonates with every legislator we work with.
  4. We help legislators understand that by improving education outcomes they can attract companies and grow their skilled workforce.

Three simple steps to get started:

  1. Review the policy chart below and identify the key issues your technology solves. If there are issues that your technology solves that are not on this list, let us know immediately.
  2. Call or email us and tell us where we should place your technology product on our legislative issues list.
  3. Demonstrate your product, student outcomes, and school references to our legislative partners who are interested in solving your issue area.

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