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Kinvolved improves K-12 student attendance and graduation rates by engaging families.

John Hopkins researchers identify attendance as one of three primary indicators of high school graduation as early as 6th grade.

Kivolved aims to improve K-12 attendance particularly in underserved communities with real-time family engagement and data-driven interventions. A Benefit-Certified company, Kinvolved’s solution to absenteeism is three-fold:

  1. Facilitate improved, real-time communication of attendance information to parents/guardians. Teachers use Kinvolved’s software program to notify families and community members of student attendance via SMS/email immediately.
  2. Understand the data through graphical analysis to identify attendance trends, including students at risk due to truancy and key causes of absence and lateness.
  3. Recommend data-drive interventions to affect a measured increase in attendance and family engagement.

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