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Live School

LiveSchool is a breakthrough app for teachers and schools that takes the paperwork out of behavior tracking and many other daily classroom management tasks. LiveSchool generates powerful analytics used to improve school culture.

LiveSchool will customize a school's behavior rubric. The school determines the categories and specific behaviors it will track. The school customizes the point values of each behavior, and there are no limits on how big a rubric can be.

LiveSchool offers two ways to keep students informed and engaged:

1)    Students receive a printed earnings report each week that helps them track their hard work
2)    Teachers have real-time access to student weekly earnings, behavior history, and specific comments. This information can be used to encourage students throughout the day.

Schools get to decide which widgets they want to include on reports.

LiveSchool offers a 45-day pilot program to all schools. LiveSchool also offers training. They provide video resources embedded throughout the platform and also have highly responsive experts available by phone and email.

They have three tiers of pricing and offer deeper discounts for districts and networks that bring multiple schools on board LiveSchool.

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