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McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is the largest education publisher in the United States.

DLA works to improve economic growth across America by advocating for personalized education through the use of digital learning technologies through state level legislation.

Buzz Waterhouse, CEO of McGraw-Hill Education, said “Legislators are the people who will make things happen. They have the purse strings; they have the ability to pass laws and can cause change. DLA can help impact legislation and get the message to government leaders. DLA is really good for digital learning technology companies.”

McGraw-Hill Education believes in a commitment to transparency, integrity and sustainability. These core values guide all of their efforts whether it is their unwavering commitment to creating customer value, dedication to protecting the environment, or pledge to contribute in meaningful ways to society at large.

Their ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability is seen in many ways around their company. Those efforts include:

•    The Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education annually recognizes outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to improving education in this country and whose accomplishments are making a difference today
•    In 2011, their office in Dubuque, Iowa, received Energy Star and Gold LEED status
•    They contribute to thought leadership on significant educational issues through the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation
•    In partnership with the New York Public Library, McGraw-Hill Education launched a citywide book amnesty program which made it possible for 8,700 young adults to return to the library

McGraw-Hill Education partners around the world with students, educators, administrators and other professionals to deliver engaging, adaptive and personalized solutions that improve performance and results.  MHE combines proven, research-based content with the best emerging digital technologies to guide assessment, teaching and learning to achieve the best possible outcome for students, instructors and institutions.  McGraw-Hill Education employs more than 6,000 people in 44 countries and publishes in more than 60 languages.

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