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Methods and Solutions, Inc. is an independent, educational software development company founded in 1981 by Judith Bliss. With the launching of Bliss’ first self-published line of educational software programs in 1986, she began doing business as MindPlay®, Inc. under the parent company name of Methods and Solutions, Inc.

With the goal of helping people with learning disabilities, Bliss set out to find a viable solution for people to overcome the challenges of learning to read. Bliss’ personal experience with reading disabilities gave her the understanding that learning differences had a real impact on school success, and the level of success in school has an impact on an individual’s success in life.  As a result, MindPlay’s instructional programs are designed with the goal of helping students succeed not only in school but also in life.

The company’s mission is to develop, publish and distribute cost-effective learning tools that support individual growth and skill development with clear objectives, inviting graphics and modern technological innovations.

The MindPlay educational software programs appeal to multiple learning styles, identify individual student needs and differentiate instruction accordingly with customized lesson plans. As such, the student’s interest level in learning remains high because he or she receive only the lessons required to fill in the gaps in his or her overall skills.

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