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DLA founder and CEO, Dane Goodfellow, discusses the direct link between economic growth in our country, improved student outcomes, digital learning initiatives, and funded legislation to support them. 

DLA can help save the U.S. economy . . . and increase your company’s revenue

Our mission is to improve economic growth across America by advocating for the expanded use of digital learning technologies.  Our primary focus is to empower legislators with the resources and support to pass new legislation—state by state—integrating technology solutions in pre-K–12, higher education, and adult learning, resulting in the skilled workforce of the future.

DLA Understands Your Concerns

Tech spending in education compared with other industries.
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Insufficient Funding for Digital Learning

  •  In 2010, K-12 technology spending was $9.2 billion, or only 1.6% of overall education spending, compared to 6% annually for professional services, healthcare, and knowledge intensive industries.  Education’s technology funding should be as high as $30 billion (K-12) to attain the efficiencies of other growth industries (Gartner, 2010) 
  •  Impact of Federal sequestration decreasing education funding by 8.2%, resulting in a $4.1 billion decrease  
  •  74% of schools report that they have smaller technology budgets than they had five years ago (eschoolnews.com)



 Market Penetration Issues

  • Lengthy and uncertain selling cycles lead to low revenue
  • Purchasing bureaucracies, education budget cuts, and resistance to technology can decrease profits
  • Limited management and control of the RFP Process
  • Inefficiency of selling to one district or school at a time
  • Limited capital for growth


Bleak Industry Forecast and Market Conditions

  • Merger & Acquisition transaction value down significantly from 2011 to 2012
  • SunGard and McGraw-Hill transactions dominated this sector
  • Thus, the value of individual transactions was significantly reduced

Education mergers and acquisitions trends: 2012
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M&A Transactions: 2010 - 2013

Most active Ed Tech companies 2010-2013
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DLA Value Proposition

1. Leadership

  • Early founders of the digital learning industry 
  • Present leaders-McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Follett, and others
  • Past successes in legislative funding and statewide initiatives
  • Experience in Pre-K, K-12, higher education, and workforce development
  • Expertise on economic development and impact of digital learning initiatives

2. “Focus” on State Legislation

  • State legislatures have:
  • Constitutional responsibility to improve education
  • Control of funding, the most powerful tool
  • DLA has long-term history of legislative success

Using the DLA Road Map, our goals are achievable if we drive just three key results or “Quotas”:

  • Increase the number of legislators “partnering” with DLA
  • Increase the number of digital learning bills sponsored
  • Increase the percent of successful legislation


3. Successful State Legislation “Model”

  •  Scale the Utah Legislation Model Nationally
          — Developed by DLA leaders
          — Replicate formal 7-Step Legislative Road Map
  •  Achieve Utah Results
          — 2012 Results - 67% of bills passed vs. 22% nationally
          — Utah only state to receive “A” Rating (Digital Learning Now!)

4.    2014 Legislation Objectives

Bills introduced and passed. Actual 2012, and goals 2013 - 2016

     Simple model: 

  1. Increase the number of legislators “partnering” with DLA
  2. Increase the number of digital learning bills sponsored
  3. Increase the percent of successful legislation

     2014 team plan

  • Support 40 key state legislators
  • 80 new bills initiated (11% increase) Increase total percentage of passed legislation to 40%
  • 32 bills passed

Current map of legislators working with DLA.
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5. Enlist Key State Legislative Leaders

DLA is already beginning to work with 84 top legislative leaders in 34 states for the 2014 legislative sessions.  They are typically in state leadership positions and education committee members.

Education issues addressed by digital learning.
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6. Support “issue driven” digital learning initiatives that “align” with your company’s solutions

Over two dozen issues spanning public education, higher education, and workforce development are recognized by DLA.

DLA will align your digital learning solutions with key legislators’ issues. 


DLA legislative road map cycle
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7. Manage Legislation Process 

Legislators partnering with DLA are given a custom legislation Road Map that educates them on issues and successful policies, and guides them on how to recruit sponsors and initiate legislation. Through the proven process, we advocate to manage legislation, track bills, and implement passed bills with complete transparency. The DLA Road Map leads to more expansion when better student outcomes are achieved and ROI is delivered.


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