National Digital Learning Research

Project Red:  Research and Recommendations on 1-on-1 School, District, and State Deployments

Digital Promise

Digital Promise is an independent, bipartisan nonprofit, authorized by Congress in 2008 as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies through Section 802 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, signed into law by President George W. Bush. With an initial Board of Directors recommended by Members of Congress and appointed by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, President Barack Obama formally launched Digital Promise in September 2011. Digital Promise’s longest standing initiative is the League of Innovative Schools, a national coalition of 57 school districts and education agencies in 27 states, collectively serving more than 3.2 million students. Through the League, Digital Promise brings together member superintendents with entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, and thought leaders to collectively solve the challenges facing our K-12 public education system. Ultimately, we are working to empower school districts and district leaders to become better consumers of innovative approaches to teaching and learning – and making sure that the most effective practices are broadly shared so they may scale

The Report of the NASBE Study Group on the Role of Technology in Schools and Communities