Parent Engagement

Increasing parental involvement in students' education can help increase student performance and have a positive impact on graduation rates and college acceptance. Despite these facts, 30% of parents don't know how their kids are doing in school, making it hard for them to be actively involved. Recent research estimates that 25% of students miss 30 days of school each year, increasing the likelihood of falling behind and eventually dropping out.

Economic ROI

According to New York Times, if we could reduce in half the current number of dropouts nationally, we would yield almost 700,000 new graduates annually. This yield would more than pay for a dropout prevention and recovery program. Studies show that the typical high school graduate will obtain higher employment and earnings — an astonishing 50 to 100% increase over a dropout in lifetime income.

When the costs of the investment to produce a new graduate are taken into account, there is a return of $1.45 to $3.55 for every dollar invested, depending upon the educational intervention strategy. Under this estimate, each new graduate confers a net benefit to taxpayers of about $127,000 over the graduate’s lifetime.  This is a benefit to the public of nearly $90 billion for each year of success in reducing the number of high school dropouts by 700,000 — or close to $1 trillion after 11 years.

DLA Proposed Solution

Increased performance updates, coupled with an online platform, allow parents to become more involved and informed regarding their child’s education.  This allows a support team to form of the parent, student, and teacher, which helps improve graduation rates and acceptance to post-secondary institutions.


  • One program helped increase student attendance by 5%.
  • One program saves teachers an average of 10 hours per week.

DLA Parent Engagement Initiative Template

 Parent Engagement Initiative Template.   Download the PDF file

Parent Engagement Initiative Template.
Download the PDF file


Sample Solutions

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Additional Issues Under Review

Digital Learning Alliance has identified several additional issues. As we add member companies who have a solution that serves the issue, we will update our information. Those additional areas under review include:

Public Education

Proficiency Improvements:

  1. Science
  2. Social Studies
  3. Dual Immersion
  4. Special Needs

  1. Low-Performing
  2. Comprehensive

Higher Education

  1. Remedial Education
  2. Graduation Rates
  3. Student Debt Burden
  4. Employment Opportunities

Workforce Development

  1. Economic Growth Modeling

Spanning Every Educational Level

  1. Assessment and Accountability
  2. Student Information Systems
  3. Online Learning, 24/7/365
  4. Broadband Connectivity
  5. Special Education