Richard Shanaman Financial Advisor

Richard Shanaman
Financial Advisor

Richard Shanaman
Former Board Member of Morgan Stanley

Richard has served as a board member of Morgan Stanley Bank, director and Senior Executive Vice President at Prudential Financial Services, and Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of American Stores Company (NYSE).

Richard has also served as a director of ZEVEX International (NASDAQ) and Chairman of the Audit Committee. Past board positions also include TruVision, Western Electronics, and Lombard Investments, a San Francisco based private equity fund with $ 1.2 billion under management, where he was Chairman of the Compensation Committee.

Richard is highly regarded in business circles throughout the Western United States as the founder of the first venture capital fund in Utah, Utah Ventures, where he served as both General and Limited Partner.  He is also an independent director in Domain Surgical.  He was also a trustee of the Wayne Brown Institute, and nonprofit organization committed to building entrepreneurship.

Stanford Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management

Dartmouth, BA in Economics