Student Data and Privacy

A Common Sense Media poll suggests that 89% of adults are concerned that third-party providers will use students’ personal data for marketing purposes. Yet, according to a study by the National Law Review, fewer than 7% of school districts restrict the sale or marketing of student information by cloud service providers. Students should not have to compromise their privacy in order to access innovative education technology.

Economic ROI

While innovative education technology is essential to U.S. economic strength, inadequate privacy oversight and accountability are serious, and potentially costly, threats to student data privacy. A CDW Government report found that over 40% of schools use cloud applications, and by 2016 schools expect 27% savings in their IT Budgets from the use of cloud services. It was determined that adoption of operation standards that address student data privacy concerns transparently and responsibly will minimize the risk of comprising student privacy and ensure that schools have secure access to cutting edge learning technologies.

DLA Proposed Solution

A comprehensive cloud-based student data privacy management solution that engages parents and empowers schools to use innovative education technology without comprising student data privacy. The solution brings powerful privacy assessment and electronic consent capabilities to state education boards, school districts, and websites that are used in classrooms, and generates parental consent recommendations based on application and website choices.


  • Solution implementation has been shown to engage and empower parents in the student data privacy process.
  • The solution builds trust between schools and parents with regard to the ways student data is used.
  • 85% of teachers say that technology allows them to create a more personalized learning experience
  • 91% of administrators say effective use of ed tech is critical to the mission of high student achievement

DLA Student Data and Privacy Initiative Template

 Parent Engagement Initiative Template.   Download the PDF file

Parent Engagement Initiative Template.
Download the PDF file

DLA Approved Bill Components

Sample Solution

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EFI technology provides secure, efficient, and environmentally friends student data privacy services for U.S. K-12 schools. Their patent-pending students data privacy technology brings powerful privacy assessment and parental engagement capabilities to schools

 Education Framework Overview   Download PDF file

Education Framework Overview
Download PDF file


Additional Issues Under Review

Digital Learning Alliance has identified several additional issues. As we add member companies who have a solution that serves the issue, we will update our information. Those additional areas under review include:

Public Education

Proficiency Improvements:

  1. Science
  2. Social Studies
  3. Dual Immersion
  4. Special Needs

  1. Low-Performing
  2. Comprehensive

Higher Education

  1. Remedial Education
  2. Graduation Rates
  3. Student Debt Burden
  4. Employment Opportunities

Workforce Development

  1. Economic Growth Modeling

Spanning Every Educational Level

  1. Assessment and Accountability
  2. Student Information Systems
  3. Online Learning, 24/7/365
  4. Broadband Connectivity
  5. Special Education