Will your company be “held back” for another year?

How Can You Move the Needle on Your Ed Tech Company Confidence Meter?

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Honestly, can you answer “yes” to every one of these questions?

  1. Have learners, educators, your employees and you achieved what you hoped your business would deliver?
  2. Are you guiding your company from an overarching plan that you can reasonably expect to execute during the next year?
  3. Are you as competent as you need to be in all three of these essential company building blocks: Technology, Management and Marketing?
  4. Are you confident your prospects and customers have a great user experience with your technology?
  5. Are you in control of your company’s destiny? (Or are funding or external factors controlling you?)
  6. Are you effectively marketing to your prospects (and your existing clients and customers!) in each of your market segments?

Core Competency Vulnerabilities?

Are the core competencies of your in-house management, technology or marketing holding you back and in need of shoring up?  With technology and marketing channels quickly changing, do you feel vulnerable?

The Digital Learning Alliance technology and marketing consulting team, working in concert with the DLA legislative team, can get your technology into schools faster with our expertise in these areas:

  • Transitioning from Conceptual to Execution
  • Market Alignment
  • Operational Efficiency
  • User Experience
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security and Privacy
  • Market Opportunity Research
  • Marketing Strategy to Market Segments
  • Lead Generation
  • CRM and Nurture Marketing
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Data Analytics to Evaluate Marketing

If you’re seeking to fill gaps in your organization, DLA’s recommended team of business veterans is your ticket to driving your vision back on track.

Digital Learning Alliance recommends to our partners a team of three proven consultants who understand the education market and are aligned with the big picture and vision of DLA. 

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Meet the DLA Recommended Experts

 Perry Alexander

Perry Alexander

Marketing Consulting and Video Production
828-419-0864 or via email

Perry Alexander, ACM Initiatives, has a passion for conveying information clearly and compellingly. He is a veteran marketing strategist, copy editor, design pro and video producer. Alexander’s firm, Success Messenger Group, has partnered with Gary Hennerberg since 1996. They are a dynamic duo producing results for organizations across a variety of categories. They integrate direct marketing methodology in cross-channel marketing applications for end-to-end, strategy-to-roll-out initiatives that drive leads through your funnel.

 Bruce Fryer

Bruce Fryer

Management Consulting and Technology
435-214-0427 or via email

Management consultant and technology expert Bruce Fryer has worked at Baxter Healthcare, Zenith Data Systems, and Novell. Since 1998 Bruce has joined two startup companies and founded three companies. Recent projects range from new product strategy and increasing revenue growth by 80%, to improving clients’ internal operations.  Fryer is an expert in cloud computing, security and privacy, and user experience. As a Product Manager at Zenith, he won Product of the Year in five countries generating $10M in revenue year one. Bruce’s background includes a BS in Industrial Education and an MBA in Decision Support Systems.

 Gary Hennerberg

Gary Hennerberg

Copywriting and Marketing Analytic Consulting
817-318-8100 or via email

Veteran direct marketer Gary Hennerberg has reinvented his skills multiple times in his career. As a former marketing and product manager, advertising agency executive, and now a sought-after consultant and creative director, Hennerberg has transferred traditional direct marketing principles to online media for clients across the U.S., Canada and U.K. With a blend of copywriting expertise and analytics, Hennerberg is an online instructor and speaker, and is the author of Reinventing Direct, a regular column for Target Marketing Magazine.

How We Work for You

We work with education technology organizations at these levels:


A monthly subscription is ideal for the organization that needs an objective outside perspective. We give you recommendations that can be implemented internally by your staff. You receive a one-hour videoconference with us each month along with additional hours monthly (phone, video, email) with the consultant(s) who can help you most.


If you have a specific, definable need for your organization in any of the areas of our specialization, we are available to work with you on a project basis, with fees customized for your specific situation.