Over twenty years ago the DLA team developed an economic development alliance model built on the foundation of a skilled work-force through personalized education. The alliance of business, policy makers, educators, parents, and local communities has a proven track record of sustainable economic growth, as recognized by Forbes and Fortune.


Our Mission

To improve economic growth across America by advocating for personalized education through the use of digital learning technologies as we empower legislators with the resources to pass new legislation—state by state—integrating technology solutions in pre-K–12, higher education, and adult learning, resulting in the skilled workforce of the future.

All students in America—regardless of their background—deserve an opportunity to get the education and skills they need to enter a good-paying career. We help students of every age by providing state legislators research and legislative templates to solve dozens of educational issues using powerful digital learning technologies, which exponentially multiply the effectiveness of our teachers, enabling our students to achieve their full potential. 

Utah occupies the top spot for the 6th time in seven years.
— Forbes Magazine, 2016

DlA education and economic model

After more than two-decades of experience, the leaders of the successful Utah Model have identified what it takes to achieve economic success. We call it our Economic Development Model.

It includes: 

  1. Education is economic development
  2. International education competitiveness is continuing to decline
  3. Training focus must be on existing workforce . . . and traditional students
  4. Adopt a proven model that can reverse trends
  5.  Automation and advance digital learning technology are a “critical success factor”
  6.  Empower state legislatures to make significant change
  7.  Engage with DLA and our proven Legislative Road Map