Workforce Alignment and SLDS (State Longitudinal Data Systems)

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Workforce Alignment and SLDS
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High school graduation is not a simple task for many students, and the process is made even harder by unclear requirements and outdated registration systems.  As state standards change, it can be increasingly difficult for students, parents, and teachers to know what courses they need to take in order to graduate and be college- and career-ready.  Fortunately, solutions are being developed in order to streamline the process for high school teachers, students, and their parents.  The solutions offered increase student and family engagement as well as provide a robust set of tools to improve academic performance.

Economic ROI

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the slowest growing occupation field in the decade from 2012-2022 is projected to be in occupations with high school diploma or equivalent as the typical entry-level education. In 2012, 91% of occupations assigned high school as the typical entry-level education required for on-the-job training. Without requisite skills gained in high school, workers are not qualified for such jobs and may encounter problems finding any employment.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Education and training outlook for occupations, 2012-2022
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DLA Proposed Solution

An interactive college and career readiness platform that allows students, from a young age, to gain a full awareness of their skills and the careers best suited for them. This will also connect parents, teachers, and students to the student’s individualized learning roadmap.

Demonstrated Outcomes

  • 12,264 course plans created
  • 2,827 resumes created
  • 5,120 Career Assessments Completed
  • $86,993 in savings using eDocs (‘12-’13)
  • At one school in Massachusetts, 90% of students in grades 6-12 are expected to have an individual learning plan and 85% of students will be expected to graduate with the Massachusetts core curriculum.

DLA Workforce Alignment Initiative Template

 Workforce Alignment Template   Download the PDF file

Workforce Alignment Template
Download the PDF file

DLA Endorsed Bill Template

 Workforce Alignment Bill Template   Download the PDF file.

Workforce Alignment Bill Template
Download the PDF file.

Sample Solution

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  Visit the Web site.

Visit the Web site.

Nearly 30,000 sites and 165 million people worldwide have relied on Kuder for evidence-based career assessment, education planning, and guidance resources. With affordable solutions for pre-K through retirement, their customizable products and services reflect a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning, development, and achievement.


Kuder Overview

Additional Issues Under Review

Digital Learning Alliance has identified several additional issues. As we add member companies who have a solution that serves the issue, we will update our information. Those additional areas under review include:

Public Education

Proficiency Improvements:

  1. Science
  2. Social Studies
  3. Dual Immersion
  4. Special Needs

  1. Low-Performing
  2. Comprehensive

Higher Education

  1. Remedial Education
  2. Graduation Rates
  3. Student Debt Burden
  4. Employment Opportunities

Workforce Development

  1. Economic Growth Modeling

Spanning Every Educational Level

  1. Assessment and Accountability
  2. Student Information Systems
  3. Online Learning, 24/7/365
  4. Broadband Connectivity
  5. Special Education