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Wowzers is where math meets fun.

Wowzers contains thousands of robust digital 3rd-8th grade math activities. Activities include online assessments, lessons, simulations, games, and virtual world quests. Teachers customize learning plans for each student using easy-to-use tools.

Students connect using any device: Via a web browser, iOS, and/or Android device, students connect to the cloud and begin their personalized learning experience. Students are immediately engaged in continuously adaptive game-based learning, while the teacher receives real-time data.

Students that "get it" are challenged automatically. When a student is performing well, Wowzers alerts teachers and automatically challenges the student with more advanced content. The extra challenge keeps excelling students engaged and on-point with the learning.

Struggling students get help. Wowzers uses a combination of digital and human strategies to ensure struggling students get the needed help. Built-in algorithms adjust the speed, difficulty, and path of each student's learning plan. If the student is still struggling, the teacher is prompted via the Teacher Dashboard to work with them individually.

All educators have access to useful academic data. Wowzers continuously assesses student performance data and presents it to teachers and administrators in real time via the Teacher Dashboard. The data is used to further student achievement and progress while also utilizing the simple API integrations to "talk" to your school's additional systems (SIS, LMS, etc.).


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